I asked Tim to serve as a facilitative mediator in a challenging family situtation. A single mother died unexpectedly leaving a 13 year old daughter. There was intense family conflict over who would take care of the daughter and who would manage the inheritance. Tim took a situation that could have ripped the family apart (and costs lots of money), and worked with them to achieve a compromise that everyone could live with. I'm happy to recommend Tim's work as a mediator.

Scott A. Ross
Beck, Ross, Bismonte & Finley, LLP
San Jose, California


In today’s world, you want to resolve conflict as quickly and easily as possible.  Outdated approaches to conflict resolution – which can cost tens of thousands of dollars and last several months if not years – no longer make sense.   Mediation is often the best way to resolve conflict. Tim Batdorf is proud to offer mediation services.  As a mediator, Tim creates satisfactory results for people in conflict.

“The Michigan Supreme Court encourages parties to try mediation because of its demonstrated success in helping parties resolve disputes to their satisfaction. It’s as simple as this: in the traditional court process, when a judge enters a judgment in a case, usually one party wins, and the other loses. In mediation, all parties have a chance to reach an acceptable solution, and it can be a solution quite different from that imposed by a judge.”

“Resolving Your Dispute… without going to trial”
Michigan Supreme Court
State Court Administrative Office
Office of Dispute Resolution

The Benefits of Mediation

  • You can schedule mediation quickly and are not subject to a court calendar.
  • You can obtain better results because you create your own solution. The court does not impose a result on you.
  • You are likely to pay less if you mediate your case.
  • Mediation agreements are more likely to be followed because they are voluntary. No one is forced to follow a court order or judgment.
  • You can maintain relationships. In family conflict, for example, people often forget that they will interact with each other for years to come.
  • Mediation can be used to decide how future disputes can be resolved so you don’t have to keep going back to court.
  • Mediation is private, informal and confidential. Mediation can occur at any location and does not need to occur in a court room.
  • You do not forfeit any aspect of the legal process in mediation. You can always preserve your right to a trial.
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