On behalf of my siblings and myself, I want to thank Tim Batdorf for his advice, expertise and professionalism. Tim went above and beyond what would normally occur between client and attorney. His continued interest in my family is appreciated more than can be put into words.

Sandra M. Wachtstetter
Norman, Oklahoma

It was scary to really look at how I was planning to take care of my daughter if I were to die because I felt shame that I hadn’t done a good job.  Tim made it easier for me by taking me through the steps so I could see things clearly and make good decisions about what to do next.  I feel good after having done this and feel secure knowing that Tim is there to walk with me and my family in the future.

Charles Peters
South Lyon,

Professional Services

Tim helps his clients create peace of mind in their lives, relationships and businesses. For over a decade, Tim has handled a wide variety of legal matters including:

  • Writing wills and trusts to minimize taxes and court involvement
  • Creating and advising small and family-owned businesses
  • Creating corporations for lawyers, accountants, doctors and other professionals
  • Administering trusts and estates to ensure the smooth transition of assets
  • Writing powers of attorney to protect clients in the event of mental incapacity
  • Writing advanced medical directives to protect clients in a medical crisis
  • Advising business owners on the purchase or sale of a business
  • Creating and advising charitable organizations
  • Planning to protect children with special needs
  • Researching complex federal tax issues for individuals, families and corporations
  • Reviewing contracts including office leases and employment agreements
  • Providing a legal wellness check-up for individuals and businesses
  • Preparing the IRS estate tax return for high wealth estates
  • Mediating conflict for families and business owners
  • Facilitating family and business meetings to minimize the potential for conflict
  • Advising business owners of the best way to transfer the family business
  • Negotiating favorable settlement agreements for clients
  • Providing unbundled services so clients choose their level of lawyer involvement

For Lawyers

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