I want to thank Tim for his expertise, assistance, and encouragement in the launch of my business.  Without his coaching and input, I would not have been able to navigate a frustratingly complex and lengthy lease.  I look forward to using Tim's expertise for years to come as my business continues to grow.

Wendy Switalski
White Lake,

One of the best business decisions I have ever made was to go to Tim Batdorf to help me start my business.  The impact of his ideas were tremendous and really helped separate me from my competition. I feel that he is looking out for me and my future. Definitely the best move for anyone to take!

Scott Pippin,
Royal Oak,

Unbundled Services

Tim Batdorf is proud to offer unbundled services for clients who want to control the level of legal service they receive and the amount of fees they pay.

Illustrations of unbundled legal services include:

  • Advice: If you want advice only, Tim can accommodate you. He collaborates with you to decide if and when consultations may be needed.
  • Research: If you want legal research, Tim can do it for you. Research may take 15 minutes or several hours. You are in charge of determining the scope of the job and who will do the work.
  • Drafting: Tim ghostwrites letters, memoranda and certain legal documents for you, or he can review and comment on what you have prepared.
  • Negotiation: Tim can teach you how to negotiate with opposing parties, court clerks and governmental agencies.
  • Representing You in Mediation: Tim can prepare you for mediation, monitor progress, or even attend mediation sessions to offer advice and support.
  • Legal Wellness Check-Up to Diagnose Legal Health: If you have a legal “disease,” you are in charge of whether to live with the disease or find the cure.

For Lawyers

Lawyer and Self is proud
to offer The Lawyer’s
Career Kit
, the premiere self-coaching package
for lawyers seeking
greater meaning and
fulfillment in their careers.